Playing Her Way to Early Childhood Education

To Kevy Tan, simplicity is key in parenting. She is the founder Hommeet—the Singapore trusted home-based education platform that provide fun learning through home-based classes and interactive education kits— currently homeschools her six-year-old son, Dion, as she believes that parents are the best teachers and home is the best school for a child in his early years.

“I believe education is a slow process to nurture our child spontaneously and silently. There’s a line in a Tang dynasty poem that goes, “润物细无声” (run wu xi wu sheng), or “the gentle rain falls silently”. We have to be patient, respect our child and look at the process as a long-term interest in raising an adult—one who is wise, balanced-minded, can take care of themselves, and contribute positively to society.

“In our son’s case, we don’t believe in short-term goals like wanting to see immediate results for exams by sending him to classes. We believe that by cultivating a love of learning in children, everything will be on track,” Kevy tells The Pride.

Through Hommeet, 180 hosts have organised over 3,000 sessions, each involving meaningful play and learning activities for families. Kevy hopes that her project will empower people to share their expertise and passion through organising such meaningful family-friendly activities for families ranging from taekwondo to coding to story writing, in a homely play setting.

Kevy finds that by providing a supportive environment, children can have the freedom to discover and explore the things they like at their own pace and interest. She believes this will allow them to find their passion and to be able to live a purposeful and happy life that can be a positive contribution to society in the future.